A Liveable Old House #2: A Challenging Lot in South Granville

This gorgeous house at 1195 West 50th Avenue in Vancouver seems to be difficult to sell.  It was listed for sale on November 3, 2011.  The listing expired on February 29, 2012 after 119 days on the market.  The house sits high on the street at the end  of the T intersection of Selkirk St. and 50th Avenue.  Looking out the front windows of the house, down tree-lined Selkirk St., is like gazing down the long avenue leading directly to Versailles, or onto the Mall from the Buckingham Palace balcony where William and Kate had their wedding kiss.

The 4300 sq ft house was built in 1947.   It sits on a  large 63×126 ft (7,958 sq ft) lot.  The house has been carefully maintained, and extensively updated, with a stunning new gourmet kitchen, bathrooms, and basement.  It has a beautiful entrance foyer with entertainment sized living and dining rooms.  The yard has mature landscaping with a  large rear patio off the kitchen and family room.  The basement is remodeled with high ceilings and a separate entrance. The house is an old-timer (older than 40 years), but it is very liveable.

The house is sharply priced, by Vancouver standards, at $2,698,000.  Why doesn’t it sell?  One possible reason that it hasn’t sold is because of the T intersection that runs directly into the house.  Being at the top of a T is the worst of all bad Feng Shui in property ownership.  All the bad luck on the street can flow directly into your house and stop there.  Superstition would have it that nothing good can happen to the occupants, and probably lots of bad things will plague them.  It is even possible that a car may crash directly into the house.

In order to counter the bad Feng Shui of the Selkirk T at 50th Avenue, the listing realtor, the courteous and melodious voiced Ruth Erlichman, arranged for the sellers to hire the famous Sherman Tai, http://www.shermantai.com/eng/author.php, a renowned Feng Shui master and local media personality, for a Feng Shui consultaion.  Mr. Tai advised the owners how to adjust certain features in the yard, and house, to deflect any bad energy flowing into the home from the T intersection, and  allow  good chi to enter and create a harmonious living environment.  The house comes complete with Sherman Tai’s certificate declaring that the home has been inspected and  declared Feng shui harmonius. (Cost of this service? About $18,000).  Unfortunately, Mr. Tai’s certificate  did not seem to convince any buyers. The listing expired without a sale on February 29, 2012.

Is this a livable house?  Definitely yes.  Maybe not.  The house and property are exceptional but the T intersection  can never be changed, even by Sherman Tai.

Why didn’t I buy this house?  It would be hard to sell again.

MLS# V918740 Property: 7,958 sq ft 126×63.  House: sq ft 4300.  List: $2,698,000. Sold: Not.  2011 Asssessment: $1,930,000.  2012 Assessment: $2,414,000.